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Ed Dabney Sponsors

Ed is proud to use, recommend and be associated with these companies and their fine products. Please click below to visit each of our partners and sponsors.
Tribute Equine Nutrition

My 15 horses of various breeds and ages have been on Tribute Equine Nutrition feeds exclusively for the past couple of months and I have already seen noticeable changes in their appearance, health and stamina. The most remarkable change has been a great improvement in their top line area. Top lines are building and filling in which has always been a hard place to build muscle and mass especially in our older horses and Thoroughbreds. I attribute this top line improvement to Tribute’s well-researched formulation of amino acids. Our horses’ coats are shiny along with having an overall appearance of health and well-being. They have plenty of energy without being hot or hyper.

In the past we added supplements such as extra minerals, glucosamine, biotin, ground flax and beet pulp to the grain we were feeding but since Tribute is a complete feed that includes these supplements and more, our feeding regimen has been greatly simplified. We have found that we are feeding less quantity and achieving better results with Tribute.

It is very reassuring for me to know that every bag of Tribute feed contains the exact same high nutrition, quality controlled ingredients blended and bagged in a modern, clean, state-of-the-art facility.

I am happy to give my sincere endorsement to Tribute Equine Nutrition. From the positive results I have seen with my horses and from my knowledge of the high quality ingredients of grains, nutrients and minerals used and the careful formulation of amino acids, it is clear to me that Tribute is, by far, the highest quality nutrition available for horses. For those horse owners who truly care about their horse’s nutrition, I highly recommend Tribute Equine Nutrition.

Tribute can be purchased at the following locations.

In central Georgia, Tribute is available at Boss Brothers Country Store in Loganville


The Maverick Store in Mansfield, Newton County

Corner of Hwy 278 and Hwy 11

Cherokee Feed and Seed in Ballground and Gainesville


The Stock Market Country Store, Conyers, GA


In the Tryon, NC area Tribute is available at Green Creek Farm Supply in Columbus



Ed Dabney Recommends Tow and Collect

I like to keep pastures and paddocks clean every day and have found a quicker and easier way to do this with the Tow and Collect machines. Get more infomration on these on their website at https://www.towandcollect.com/us/ If you order from their website please type Ed Dabney in the coupon code box for an automatic $50 discount.

For more information:  https://www.protoolreviews.com/tow-and-collect-manure-collector-review/

Ed Dabney Recommends Jug Waters


Ed highly recommends the Patience Pole for helping horses be more comfortable when standing tied.

Patience Pole

After using the Patience Pole at our training facility, we are pleased to endorse this sturdy, high quality, well designed product.  It has helped the horses we have in training to relieve any anxiety they may have associated with standing tied.  They are free to move around so they don't feel trapped or restricted.  By using the Patience Pole horses are able to calmly learn to stand tied patiently.


Sundowner of Georgia in parternership with Ed Dabney
Boss Brothers Country Store - Loganville, GA