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Ed's Television and Movie Experience
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Ed is a member of the Screen Actors Guild SAG-AFTRA.

Ed worked on the following film productions as Head Wrangler and/or in mounted roles with horses he has trained.

2014 - 2017 - "Sleepy Hollow" - Ed was selected by 20th Century Fox Television to supply all the horses and most of the riders along with helping to coordinate the riding scenes for the second, third and fourth seasons filming of Fox TV’s popular television drama series, "Sleepy Hollow". Ed was also been cast in on-camera riding roles as the character “War” and as riding double for the character “Abraham” and as wagon driving double for the character “Crane”. Ed’s daughter, Elizabeth was cast as the riding double for the characters Katrina and Betsy Ross. Ed’s son-in-law Luke Smith was cast as the riding double for the characters Moloch and Kindred. For many scenes Ed has supplied numerous background riders, horses, carriages and wagons with horse teams and drivers.

2016 – “Making History” - Ed was selected by 20th Century Fox Television to supply all the horses and carriages along with helping to coordinate the riding scenes for the pilot of Fox’s new “time travel” comedy series. www.fox.com/making-history

2014 Globe Trotting - Ed and Elizabeth have been invited to be co-hosts of a new television series featuring world wide horseback travel opportunities. This show will give viewers a unique alternative to exploring a new place or experiencing an old haunt in a fresh way on horseback. Viewers will experience Wild West history while traversing Wyoming’s High Country. Take a step back in time while riding through Italy’s ancient castles and fortresses. Go wild alongside herds of zebra, wildebeest and gazelle across Kenya’s Masai Mara.

It’s more than just a horseback ride; it’s discovering the small, but significant wonders along the journey that might go unnoticed if traveling any other way.
This project is currently under development.

Intro video: http://jenesiscreative.com/portfolio/globe-trotting/

2009 - "Untamed Legacy" This Emmy Award winning PBS documentary focuses on the wild mustang’s survival and struggles as resources diminish. Untamed Legacy: America’s Wild Mustang chronicles a mustang named Charlie on his journey from the wild to his new home in Alabama, and all the people whose lives he touches along the way. The film crew follows Ed as he trains Charlie from being completely wild to becoming a well-trained riding horse. "Untamed Legacy" has been nominated for three Emmy Awards - Best Documentary, Best Photography and Best Writer.
You may watch the full movie on line at

2008 - “We Shall Remain”, a PBS television production, is a docu-drama set in the early 1830’s relating the plight of the Cherokee people as they were moved off their lands in north Georgia and Tennessee resulting in a forced march known as the “Trail of Tears”. Ed was the Head Wrangler for the movie and was responsible for the supervision of all horses and riders during the horseback riding scenes. Ed also provided riding instruction for the actors. Along with these duties Ed was cast in the role of “carriage driver”.
For more information visit:

1999. "The Patriot", a Columbia Pictures Production starring Mel Gibson, on location in Rock Hill, SC, with Ed cast as a Captain of the Continental Cavalry and as a British cavalry soldier.

1997. "The Postman"- a Warner Brothers Production directed by and starring Kevin Costner, on location in Sahuarita, Arizona. Ed was cast as a mounted solider.

1995. "Crazy Horse"- a TNT Production on location in South Dakota. Ed was cast in four separate roles- as a civilian scout named Wheatley, as Lt. Varnum, Custer’s chief of Indian scouts, as a cowboy and as a cavalry sergeant.

1993. "North & South Book III"- an ABC TV mini-series on location in San Antonio, Texas. Ed was cast as a cavalry sergeant with a small speaking part.

1993. "Geronimo"- a Columbia Pictures Production on location in Moab, Utah. Ed was cast as a cavalry soldier acting as General Crook’s aide (General Crook was played by Gene Hackman).

1992. "Gettysburg"- a TNT Production on location in Gettysburg, Pennslyvania. Ed was cast as a Civil War cavalry sergeant in General Buford’s cavalry company. General Buford was played by Sam Elliot.

1990. "Class of ‘61"- an ABC TV movie on location in Atlanta, Georgia. Ed was cast as a Civil War cavalry sergeant and as a mounted artillery soldier.

1998. Ed worked as a mounted cowboy model for a professional photo shoot for a "coffee table" book on western cowboys.

1988. Ed participated in a television commercial for Cavalry Banking Corp. on location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, cast as a mounted Civil War cavalry corporal.

1994.  Ed participated in the filming of a country music video for the singing group "Confederate Railroad" for their song "Summer in Dixie", cast as a mounted Civil War cavalry commander.