ED DABNEY Six Keys to Harmony. Natural Horsemanship techniques essential to good communication and good leadership with your horse. Requires commitment to regular use of the exercises for fastest results. Six Keys horse training video now available. Buy online here. Hosted and professionally produced by nationally known traine-clinician Ed Dabney. 90 minutes
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Horse for sale Hap

Black’s Happy Foxfire “Hap” is 100% Foundation Nokota®, born in the late spring of 2013. He is a yearling dun colt with dorsal stripe, tri-color mane and tail, and prominent leg and withers striping. Hap was born and bred at Painted Moon Farm in Buckhead, Georgia. Painted Moon Farm is a Preservation Breeder of Nokota® horses, the native horses of the Northern Plains. Hap’s dam and sire are on the premises at Painted Moon Farm.

Hap has successfully completed the yearling phase of the Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship training program. This comprehensive program includes performing all of the Six Keys to Harmony essential ground exercises which establish leadership, trust and communication and develop cues for independent control of each of the horse’s body parts moving forward, backward, left and right. The Dabney program also covers catching, leading, respectful ground manners, despooking, hosing, fly spray, trailer loading, standing tied, picking up feet, saddling, long line driving, negotiating a 17 station obstacle course and ponying out on the trail and across the creek.

Price is $4,000
Please contact Elizabeth Bell at 706.474.3002 or elizabeth@paintedmoonfarm.com


Gab Creek FarmMy good friend John Hutcheson does an excellent job of breeding and training fine Morgan horses and always has some really nice horses for sale.


We always have some excellent riding horses available for sale. These horses have been through our entire training program and have had plenty of exposure to a variety of riding experiences including lots of trail riding miles.

All of these horses have superb ground manners, no problems loading in the trailer, picking up feet, hosing, fly spray, no kicking or biting. If you buy one of these horses and do not like him or her, we’ll be glad to take them back and refund your purchase price within 30 days.

Please email us at customerservice@eddabney.com or call us at 770-314-9254
for more specific information and prices on horses currently available.