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click here for Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship Clinic Schedule 2006


Information & Typical 3-Day Clinic Schedule

Both you and your horse would greatly benefit from the clinic experience. Much of what you'll learn and what you'll be teaching your horse during the weekend centers around developing your leadership position in your relationship with your horse.

Experience Required

You do not need to be an experienced rider or horseperson to participate with your horse in this clinic. Beginners as well as advanced riders have found the skills taught in Ed's clinics to be very useful. His system of working with horses builds confidence in handling horses on the ground and mounted, equips owners with natural communication skills and establishes their authority as a confident, consistent leader for their horse.

Ed's teaching style is very clear and straight-forward, giving students a methodical and systematic approach which is easy for both horse and rider to understand and apply. His gentle methods have been proven effective by successfully working with hundreds of horses and humans. You will learn problem solving principles and teaching techniques that work with the horse's nature and instincts in order to overcome resistances with confidence, patience and understanding.

Regular Schedule

Friday night will be a lecture and demonstration on the history of natural horsemanship and why this systematic approach works with great success for horses and humans. We'll also show some good practical techniques for catching, haltering, tying, saddling and bridling.

Saturday you'll be teaching your horse the Six Keys to Harmony, easy to understand techniques for establishing respect and trust with your horse and achieving light responses from your horse on the ground and mounted and begin "despooking" your horse with "scary" items. All this is designed to build his confidence in you as a worthy leader and to help him be calmer, smarter, braver and more polite.

Sunday morning we'll review what we did on Saturday and you'll find that both of you are doing all the exercises much more smoothly and lightly than you did on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon we'll apply the Six Keys mounted to improve riding skills and achieve safety and good control of speed and direction. You'll have an easy to apply skill to absolutely stop him and shut his motor off whenever you need to. He will be at peace under your confident leadership.

Techniques applicable to all disiplines and rider levels

The skills you'll learn and the exercises you'll teach your horse apply to riders of any level with any type of riding discipline, (English or Western, competition or pleasure) and horses of any age. This is good, common sense horsemanship that anyone should be able to do.

Follow up Lessons

Monday and Tuesday following every clinic, Ed will be available for private or group lessons. This is a great opportunity for you to have a private session to follow up on the skills learned during the clinic. Ed will be happy to work with you and your horse on particular problems or the issues that are most important to you. Private sessions are $85 per hour and may be scheduled throughout the day.

If there is a group of participants who would like a follow up session on Monday or Tuesday to all work on similar topics, group sessions are $50 per hour per participant.

These "after clinic" group and private sessions are open to anyone including clinic participants or spectators who would like to work with their horse or with one of our school horses

Friday Evening   7:00 - 9:30 PM

"Revealing the Mystery of Natural Horsemanship"
A lecture/demonstration on the theory of natural horsemanship.

On Friday night Ed will introduce what the participants will be learning on Saturday and

Sunday. Attendance at the Friday night session will be required for rider participants. This session is open to spectators as well. Topics covered on Friday night:

• Building a relationship with your horse through Care, Communication and Consistency

• Join-up for Respectful Catching

• Predator/Prey Relationship

• How this type of training relates to the horse's natural instincts by explaining herd dynamics and leadership, especially in the wild horse herd

• Discussion of tack and bits

• The tie knot

• Demonstration with Sunny showing:

- Respectful Catching
- Achieving Proper Head Position for Bridling
- Respectful Haltering
- Respectful Leading
- Saddling and Bridling tips

"Six Keys to Harmony"

Easy to understand techniques for establishing respect and trust with your horse and achieving light responses from your horse on the ground and mounted.

Saturday  9:00AM - 5:00PM

You'll enter the arena with your horse on halter and lead rope unsaddled. During the day you'll be teaching your horse the "Six Keys". In the afternoon you'll be introducing your horse to "Developing the Fearless Horse" - Techniques to build Calm and Confidence into your horse

Sunday  9:00AM - 5:00PM

You'll enter the arena with your horse saddled. Review of Six Keys and Developing the Fearless Horse with your horse. Then on to "Riding Skills" including:

• Safe and Respectful Mounting
• Confidence and Independent Seat at all Gaits
• Emergency Stop
• Quality of Control of Speed and Direction


Overnight horse boarding is usually available. Please contact us for information.
Required: negative Coggins for participating horses.
What to bring: sack lunch and beverage, lawn chair, note pad and pen, all horse tack for participants.
No dogs or alcoholic beverages please.