Notes of appreciation and praise for nationally known horse trainer-clinician Ed Dabney, Gentle and Natural Horsemanship training and horse training video Six Keys to Harmony. Read what others have to say about Ed Dabney's techniques and training video.
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Client Success Stories

"I cannot really express my gratitude for what you have helped me do so far. I feel like an important part of my life is coming back. I face the work ahead with more confidence than I ever thought I would have around a horse again. It is a great contribution you are making not only to me but to many others. It isn't a job, it is a calling and your faithfulness to it is an inspiration for the rest of us to stay with it as well."

Mary Reeves -  Bostwick, GA

"Thank you for giving Star and me the foundation and communication to build upon. I am so pleased with the light responsiveness and confidence she has gained working with you."

"Personally I want to thank you for teaching me the importance of communication on the ground and not just while I am riding. I can already tell a difference with my older horse."

"The communication and understanding of horsemanship that you are teaching and sharing is a beautiful connection that I think many riders are looking and searching for in their various disciplines."

Heather Evans -  Macon, GA

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