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Six Keys to Harmony
Still our most requested program - $39.95

Ed Dabney Six Keys to Harmony horse training video. Essential ground and mounted exercises. DVD and VHS. 90 minutes in length. Order online.

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Six Keys to Harmony
Essential Groundwork & Mounted Exercises

This information packed, professionally produced video features easy to understand techniques for establishing respect and trust with your horse and achieving light responses from your horse. By employing these exercises, your horse will be more responsive while riding and well mannered on the ground.

These essential exercises should be performed as your "pre-ride checklist" each and every time you work with or ride your horse. It won't take long for you to see results that help you to establish your leadership position, gain your horse's attention and determine each time how he (or she) is responding to you. The exercises will help your horse to be calm, focused and willing, and they will increase his coordination for precise and fluid movements as well as to increase his flexibility.

It is essential to do the six key exercises each and every time before you ride, with the goal of achieving lighter and lighter responses from your horse with lighter and lighter requests. You'll see that your horse will become a willing and enthusiastic participant if you are consistent in performing the exercises. Once you and your horse know these exercises, you should be able to run through them all in about ten minutes, then mount up with more confidence knowing that your horse is focused on you and on the job at hand. Your confidence will pass through to your horse and give you a greater chance for a safe and successful ride.

By practicing Ed's fundamental exercises on the ground and mounted, your speed and direction control will be greatly enhanced. These exercises will prepare both horse and rider mentally, physically and emotionally for a more successful, more safe, and more enjoyable ride.

This video also includes techniques for respectful catching, respectful head position, haltering, respectful leading and much more. This program is an extremely valuable tool for riders of any discipline and is appropriate for both experienced and beginning riders, adult and youth.

For less than the cost of one lesson, a wealth of information is at your fingertips. You'll be amazed at the results as many others have been. This isn't a "watch it once and call it a day" video. This is a program you will be able to watch many, many times and still gain something more with each additional viewing.

The DVD version of Six Keys to Harmony is chaptered in a way that makes it easy for you to view any section of the program you would like to see at any time.

"Your video is AWESOME. What I think I like about it most, among many other things is: you get it, Ed. Totally. All that Natural Horsemanship is and was meant to be. I see so few who really get it. I can count on two hands the rest who truly get it. And you do. Not just in talk, but in action. And you articulate it so well. In just the right detail. Be confident and know: you've got the gift & it's time to share it with vast multitudes."

"You're better than 95% of the top Natural Horsemanship trainers/clinicians out there, trust me. So is your video. BECAUSE you get it. I see the deeper things there and man it was exciting to see how well you get this stuff."

"I've learned from all the top masters in this field, but in retrospect...I can look back now and know...some of them don't get it, after all, and I've passed a lot of them up, even though I retain the parts that I know are right and good."

"But you, Ed...you get it. Bigtime. Was such a joy to see. You're a true master. Know that. Because it's true."

Sylvia Scott
Blacksburg, VA

Six Keys to Harmony
1 Disc - $39.95
Total Run Time:  90 minutes

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Foundation Training

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Foundation Training demonstrates safe and proven, step-by-step methods for bringing an untrained horse from the first human touch all the way to riding in a snaffle bit at all gaits.

You'll see Ed work with several horses, some from their very first human touch, all the way through ground training, despooking, obstacle course, first saddling, first bridling, up through their third ride. Every step of the foundation training progress is shown and described in thorough detail.

These gentle techniques work with the horse’s nature, presenting ideas to the horse in a way he can understand and accept.

This systematic training program is not just for colt starting. It is also very useful for problem solving or retraining with older horses.

Foundation Training
2-Disc Set
- $69.95
Total Run Time: 2 hrs  51 minutes


Stress Free Trailer Loading

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Stress Free Trailer Loading shows you safe and proven, step-by-step methods for eliminating problems with trailer loading. These gentle techniques work with the horse’s nature, presenting ideas to the horse in a way he can understand and accept.

You’ll see easy-to-understand techniques to fully prepare your horse to calmly step into the trailer. The methods demonstrated here will be helpful to you in developing safe, respectful and confident horses.

This systematic training program is not just for trailer loading problems. It is also very useful for solving a variety of problems, such as respect for your space, going forward, crossing water and negotiating obstacles.

This video also includes tips on safe driving and trailering.

Stress Free Trailer Loading
1 Disc
- $39.95
Total Run Time:  61 minutes


Six Keys 2: Finding Effective Solutions

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Six Keys to Harmony - Volume 2
Finding Effective Solutions

In this video, Ed works through real world problem issues with horses using his "Six Keys to Harmony" exercises.

You'll see in detail how the teaching and consistent use of these essential exercises can help you find your solutions to overcome problem issues with your horse. You'll also gain valuable insight into the principles and thought processes Ed employs while first working with resistant or challenging horses.

Some of the challenges that you'll see presented and solved in this video include:

  • The dominant, disrespectful horse The inattentive horse The pushy horse (invades your space) The over- reactive horse Testing of limits and bounds Horse balks when led
  • Poor gait transitions; too much or not enough forward energy

You'll learn how to work through problems, how to develop impeccable ground manners resulting in a respectful, thinking and willing horse, how to increase your horse's coordination for precise and fluid movements, and how to establish successful communication, leadership and trust with your horse. With the methods shown on this DVD your horse will learn to be more respectful, attentive, supple, and athletic.


Six Keys 2: Finding Effective Solutions
2 Disc - $59.95
Total Run Time:  90 minutes

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"Now ask the animals and let them teach you that in the Lord's hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind." Job 12: 7, 9-10