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A.   Six Keys To Harmony
Six Keys To Harmony - Ed Dabney's Best-Selling Instructional DVD 1hr. 32min.

K1.   Rope Halter / Lead Rope
This 5/8 inch by 12 foot, yacht-braid lead rope is long enough to do all your ground exercises but handy enough to pack along on a trail ride.

B. Six Keys To Harmony Vol 2
Volume 2 "Finding Effective Solutions"

A.1.  Le Sei Chiavi dell’Armonia.
Le Sei Chiavi dell’Armonia. Versione in Italiano. Il DVD più venduto di Ed Dabney. Lunghezza: 90 minuti.

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X. CSI Saddle Pad
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X. CSI Saddle Pad
CSI Saddle Pad
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The CSI Saddle Pad comes in different colors.
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I have used the CSI saddle pad for the past five years on lots of different horses, long rides and rough country. I have never had a horse develop a sore back since I have been using this pad. I think it is, by far, the best saddle pad design I have ever seen. We start lots of young horses here so I want a pad that will make their first rides as comfortable as possible. CSI pads definitely keep the horse comfortable by eliminating any pressure points through distribution of weight and pressure over the entire pad and by absorbing friction between the layers of the pad. Keeping the horses back cool on long trail rides in the Georgia heat is an important issue for us. CSI pads take care of this by having vents along the top to release heat and by using a thick natural wool felt layer next to the horse. The natural wool wicks away the sweat and the evaporation effect cools the horses back. I like the raised front of the pad to allow air circulation over the withers, help the saddle fit better and prevent pressure on top of the withers. I highly recommend the CSI saddle pad for all riders. Click Here to see Ed Dabney Talk about the CSI Saddlepad.


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