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Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Understand, Safe and Proven Methods for Eliminating Problems with Trailer Loading DVD.

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A.1.  Le Sei Chiavi dell’Armonia.
Le Sei Chiavi dell’Armonia. Versione in Italiano. Il DVD più venduto di Ed Dabney. Lunghezza: 90 minuti.

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O2.  Pinchless Snaffle
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O2. Pinchless Snaffle

Pinchless Snaffle Bit

This stainless steel, 5 1/2 inch bit is the best designed,, most humane bit I have ever used. The feature that makes this bit truly pinchless is the unique design of the independent, 360 degree, swiveling rings joined in the center of the mouth. Use of this bit will reduce head tossing and rooting which can be caused by the pain of traditional snaffles pinching the horse’s tongue.

The bars are contoured, creating a better fit for the bit, in the horse’s mouth. The bars contain strips of copper to encourage salivation. The D-ring sides give r better communication, with less concentrated pressure at the corners of the mouth.

In order to demonstrate how a standard snaffle bit might pinch your horse's tongue have someone hold the bridle at the top of the headstall while you grasp, between your thumb and forefinger, the two small rings that join the bars of the bit in the in the middle of the bit. While holding the small rings have someone work the bit or reins as if the bit were in the horse's mouth. Your finger is likely to be pinched as the bit is worked. That would be your horse's tongue being pinched which is much more tender and sensitive than your fingers.

The reason your fingers and the horse's tongue are pinched is because the rings that join the bars together are a fixed part of the bar in contrast to the Pinchless bit in which the rings that join the bars swivel 360 degrees allowing the horse to push them with his tongue to avoid having the tender flesh of his tongue caught between the immobile rings of a standard snaffle bit.

I have used this bit exclusively for the past four years on every horse I ride and train. We've sold hundreds of them with great success for the horse and rider. You can switch over to this bit easily and see only a change for the better in the responses from your horse. Your horse will thank you! He will respond lighter and quicker because you remove the pain factor which is distracting your horse from paying attention to your requests.

Client testimony:
I wanted to let you know how the first ride in the pinchless snaffle went. He was fantastic. He loves the bit. He gave me his usual refusal about going down the hill into the canyon but it was very tame compared to what he does in the leverage bit. His refusal wasn't so animated and when "I hung him up" just when I felt him about to attempt a rear he gave up to start with. He didn't try to rear again. I'm going to keep him in this bit which seems to have improved our communication dramatically. He doesn't have as much of a chance to think before or between misbehaving in this bit. He gets the message immediately. He definitely prefers this bit. He opens for it I don’t have to put my fingers in the bars to get him bridled. Everyone I show this bit to thinks it’s so creative and satisfies a variety of disciplines.

Julie Newman, California

Last year, I purchased your D ring snaffle bit for our young (barrel racing) horse. Our racing trainer wanted our horse in a different bit (a stronger ‘barrel horse bit’)…so we went with his suggestion. The filly kept getting ‘rushy’ in the pattern, and my daughter had a problem gaining control. We decided (on our own) to go back to the basics, try your bit, and work on rate, whoa, back-up, etc. Our horse responded immediately to the new bit, and training plan. Our daughter had so much confidence in the bit, that she ran her at the show this weekend in that bit. The difference was amazing! No more head slinging, arguing, rushing, etc. The whole pattern was about control. Thank you so much for offering a bit that is kind, but gives a level of control. Just thought you might like to hear a success story!!

Take care
Diane, Georgia


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