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M.  Rope Halter W/ 12' Lead Rope Snap Set
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M. Rope Halter W/ 12' Lead Rope Snap Set
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   Rope Halter and Lead Rope Combo With Snap

This rope halter is an excellent communication tool in working with your horse. The diameter of the rope and the placement of the knots encourage a horse to yield to the pressure of the halter as opposed to strap type halters which actually encourage a horse to lean into or lay on the halter.

This halter is one continuous piece of rope with no hardware thus making it virtually unbreakable.  I have been using this particular type of halter for ten years and have never had one break even though I’ve had some very rank horses pull back on them.  This halter is made from yacht-braid rope used in the boating industry.  It has a good feel- not flimsy and not stiff.

This 5/8 inch by 12 foot, yacht-braid lead rope is long enough to do all your ground exercises but handy enough to pack along on a trail ride.It has a heavy core and weighted end to enhance its communication value for wiggling or swinging during ground exercises. This lead rope is easy to manage and has a good feel to the hand.


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